Don’t let fear prevent kindness

The sudden rise of the new coronavirus has shocked China. Although China has beeen doing everything possilbe to stop the virus, it has spread outside of its borders and into other regions. There are now confirmed cases COVID-19 in countries including the European coutries, Iran, Japan and Korea, also in the USA.
There is a growing fear that the effects of the outbreak will worsen if it is not containes. This has led to countries closing borders with China and putting travels bans in place. However, fear and misinformation have also caused the spead of something else–racism.

Restaurants and businesses in many tourist areas across the world have posted signs banning Chinese people. Social media users recently shared a picture of a sign outside a hotel in Rome, Italy. The sign said that “all people coming from China” were ” not allowed” in the hotel. Similar signs with anti-Chinese sentiment were also reportedly seen in South Korea, the UK, Malaysia and Canada. These signs were loud and clear–”NO CHINESE”.
Racist actions such as these do a lot more harm than good.

Instead of spreading misinformation and fueling fearful thoughts, we should do everything we can to support those who are affected by events such as the COVID-19 outbreak. After all, the real enemy is the virus, not the people who we are fighting it.

What we do in China for stopping the virus transmission.
1. Try to stay at home, otherwise keep wearing mask when you are out, and keep at least 1.5m away from others.

2. No gathings.

3. Cleaning hands frequently.

4. Not eat wild animals

5. Keep the room ventilated.

6. Sterilize frequently.

Post time: Mar-12-2020
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