9 September 2013

My Main Site

I've had my website www.angierogers.com with Moonfruit since 2007 and generally been pleased with its performance over the years.

The only major worry has been it being a Flash based site. Of course this is what made it so easy to build - no need to use any html code - just drag and drop text boxes and pictures, simple. But some people were definitely put off by needing to download and update Flash Player.

And then Apple completely ruined things by rejecting Flash for iPhone and iPad, meaning my carefully designed site has always looked ghastly and illogical on mobile devices.

Now Moonfruit have made it possible to migrate my site over to html5 so it should work properly on mobiles etc. It looks fine on my iPad but can people let me know if it looks weird anywhere else.

In the meantime, I'll be gradually making some changes to the site and putting new work on.

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