29 April 2013

Furled - map-fold booklet

Finally after many false starts and unrelenting cold it seems the Spring really is beginning the process of unfurling despite a lack of any significant sunshine here in the South Pennines.  It will probably end up being one of those don't blink or you'll miss it kind of Springs.

Last Spring I made a one-off book form based on what seems to be generally know as the Turkish map fold structure, as part of the 28 Drawings Later project. After much favourable comment I've made a saleable version which is now available to buy on-line at my Big Cartel shop:

I like the simplicity of the map fold form and enjoy the challenge of creating content that relates conceptually and/or visually to the folding and unfolding action that the viewer participates in.

The idea of folding something to make it fit in a smaller space does relate neatly to the reality of leaves curled up tight in their buds, waiting for the unfurling of Spring as well as the concept of holding someone close in our hearts. Hence 'Furled' where the text reads 'You are furled in my heart like a leaf within it's bud'.

Furled comes in a translucent paper origami fold pocket, has a cover made of 300 gsm Snow White Canford card and is ink-jet printed on acid free cartridge paper, follow this link for more details.

My original interest in the artistic possibilities of the map fold was facilitated by google images so it seems only fair to include the following pictures documenting the making process. Apologies for the not brilliant photography, there's just not enough light in my studio to make life easy.

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