28 February 2013

Wren Collages

You might recognise the patterns in these wren woodcut/collages as they've been made entirely from pre-used business envelopes.

There are a lot of wrens around here at the moment I'm glad to say. Its always a worry that the freezing nights might have done for many of them. How amazing that such a small bird can survive all winter.

They do huddle together in hollow trees and bird boxes which explains their Latin name -  Troglodytes - meaning hole dweller. The record number of Wrens seen roosting together in one box is 63!


Janis Goodmanwn said...

These ar delectable


Thanks Janis, they are fun to do and help to whittle down my giant collection of saved envelopes with interesting security patterns - a weird obsession - which takes up far too much precious space in my studio.

janis Goodman said...

I used to collect the buff envelopes as I love the way they vary in colour - have never considered the insides- oh oh!


Ha! Yes it starts out as a mild interest in the variations of hue and texture in Manila, moves on to the patterned ones and then develops into a fully fledged mania involving foreign imports, wish lists and swap requests!