20 December 2012

Valley Of Lights

At the beginning of December a lovely uplifting event - The Valley of Lights Parade - lit up the streets of Hebden Bridge. A celebration of the magic of light in the dark months and an affirmation of the spirit of our little town.

What you can't tell from these pictures is how very cold it was, which made it an effort to take photos as I just wanted to keep snuggled up with my hands in my pockets. I'm pleased with the results though - colourful and a bit surreal especially the second to last one with the building lanterns parked outside the hotel. And the moon and some stars looked on...


Jacqui Dodds said...

This looks very beautiful and reminds me of something similar in France that I saw a few years ago.


Yes they do seem more common in Europe Jacqui but hopefully they'll catch on here. We have a summer parade in Hebden Bridge which is great but the winter one brings more cheer when you need it. Angie