13 December 2012

Perry Dip Pens

I love the packaging of these beautiful dip pen nibs I found at my parents house earlier this year.

And how lucky to find nearly a whole box full of shiny gold perfection.  I was especially pleased to note that Perry & Co. had a manufacturing base in Birmingham, my city of birth.  

There is an article about Perry pens on Wikipedia and another about the Birmingham pen trade which was for many years a world centre for steel pen and nib manufacture. As a lover of dip pens I feel sad that I wasn't aware of this previously - a whole fascinating industry that's been and gone largely, like so much else in Brum.

I've always liked drawing with a dip pen - the nib is so much more versatile and responsive than any kind of modern pen I've used, and more reliable and long lasting than a quill or reed pen though they are good to draw with too.  The little sketch book below was drawn entirely with a dip pen, recording impressions of a walk along the Vilaine estuary from Le Moustoir to Penlan.

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L o t f i said...

would u like to sell it ?