16 December 2012

Janis Goodman - one printmaker and a boat

Last Saturday my friend and printmaker Janis Goodman who is based in Leeds held an exhibition in an unusual venue - a beautiful converted coal barge moored on the Rochdale canal in Hebden Bridge.

I felt fairly intrepid as I slithered along the frozen tow path and over the canal on a tiny bridge but could not have been made more welcome by Janis and Marion who has made her home in the barge for the past 2 years.

Wasn't sure which to drool over most, Janis's lovely etchings or Marion's gorgeous, warm, light filled barge. I know a lot of Janis's work, so its excellence was only to be expected but I had no idea a converted industrial boat could be that charming and bright.  For a brief moment I had a wild imagining of what it would be like to have it as my studio.

Thank you Janis, Marion and Roger who baked the delicious cheese straws and mulled the wine. My camera steamed up in the warmth so the photos are slightly dreamy. To see Janis's prints in all their glory visit her website - there's a link to it in the column on the right.


Janis Goodman said...

Thank you Angie, glad that you enjoyed it..


It was great and I admire your enterprise in doing it. I love seeing art in unusual spaces.