15 December 2012

December Open Studios 2012 and my 150th Post

My studio group held our annual December Open Studios the other weekend.  I'm not wearing the scarf for religious reasons but to keep my brain warm as it was extremely cold weather and we only have portable heaters to try and warm a giant high-ceilinged space.

I would normally be wearing a huge fleece jacket in the studio but felt the need to look human whilst meeting the public.

I met loads of nice people, had some great conversations and sold quite a lot of my work as well as making a few gallons of the famous Brooklyn Studios mulled cider.

This is the 150th post on Tumbling Hills, I never imagined it would go on for so long. There are many times when I wonder why I do it and think about stopping but here I still am for the time being...


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, Congratulations on reaching the 150th post. I really enjoy reading this blog and I always admire your excellent photographs. The studio looks great now you have that new wall in place. I found the last post about pen nibs very interesting as I also come from Birmingham.


Thanks, its nice to get a bit of feedback sometimes. I've lived in Yorkshire for as long as I ever lived in Birmingham but I'll always be a Brummie and I find I'm increasingly drawn to finding out about the old industries of the city especially those involving the use of metals. Dad was a metallurgist and I really really wish I still had some of the sample discs of metals he used to bring home.