9 September 2012

Wild and Wonderful Widdop - Art Walk

A glorious day at Widdop, warm and sunny for most of the time with just a very brief shower at the end. There were 14 of us and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to walk and sketch out in the landscape, the changing light and air movements making a dynamic vista to challenge and inspire.

It was all about taking part and having a go, rather than trying to create a polished artwork but I was impressed by the quality of work done.  There were some really marvellous drawings and paintings, full of of life and sensitivity - the quality you always get when working from real life.

Thanks to Pennine Prospects for organising the Walk and Ride Festival, a great way to get more people out in the magnificent South Pennines and trying out new outdoor activities.  There are loads more events going on over the next two weeks so take a look on the website here as there's bound to be something that takes your fancy.  Get out there before the big chill of winter sets in!

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