11 July 2012

More Flooding in the Calder Valley

Aaargh! after a lovely weekend of socialising and light hearts, hideous reality returned as the monsoon like rain attacked again on Monday and roared through the town. This time the studio cellar flooded like a swimming pool, we were down there bare footed, baling it out for about 3 hours and heaving buckets up stairs.  It came in so quick, just gushing in through the base of the wall.

Great team work saved the day and the musicians guitars and drum kit were saved although they lost their carpet.  Now all 's a bit soggy and whiffy, though only rainwater, not sewerage thank goodness.  Some of my furniture stored down there got damaged but nothing I can't cope with. We've had to drag loads of stuff up into the gallery to get dry, fat chance because its still raining.

I still feel lucky because I have a dry home to go to not like the poor unfortunates whose houses got swamped even though they live up in the hills.  Some people I know have both their home and their shop wrecked, its so sad.  And there's likely to be another flood alert on Friday...