19 June 2012

Green Annihilation - in black and white

Exhibitions and Hebden Bridge Open Studios are looming so its been nose to the grindstone recently - a woodcutting frenzy has resulted in these little prints of upper Calder Valley terraces that seem to be disappearing into the trees.

The recent monsoon-like rains have led to rampant growth and reminded me of reading Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude over half a lifetime ago, where it rains in Macondo for 'four years, eleven months and two days'.

I took some pictures of the blocks before the initial inking as I love the soft look of them at this stage.
Its still always a shock when the image comes out reversed and very contrasty - you get used to seeing things one way and then suddenly everything's facing in the opposite direction - its easy to get confused...

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Janis Goodman said...

Not just saying beautiful out of habit but because I think your work is of such high quality - always thrilled to see something new on your web site !x