28 May 2012

Hand tinted version of sheep vertebrae woodcut

Here's the sheep vertebrae woodcut with its hand tinting completed. I've aimed to show the bones peeping through the Crowberry, with the white bone contrasting strongly against the dark earth and the green leaves.

The map fold concept I'm planning requires a cover and I've continued the Crowberry motif with the addition of the blue/black berries that develop during the summer:

Somehow an element reminiscent of European Mille-Fleur tapestries from the Middle Ages has developed although that wasn't in my mind at the start.  It must be something to do with bright colour on a dark ground and the detailed scrutiny of small plant forms.  I don't mind though, as I think those tapestries are beautiful and a bit mysterious.

I want the foldouts to be affordable so I'm going to make an unlimited edition using commercial/digital printing.  Today was spent fighting with a hot computer trying to sort out the double-sided printing and getting the colours right - very frustrating and did not get to go out in the blazing sunshine like I wished.

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