31 May 2012

The Enfolding Landscape Revealed

Finally the first Turkish Map Fold Book thing is made!

Its been almost a year since I first had the idea during last years Watershed Residency. These links will take you to the posts in my Catchwater Blog where I started developing the concept of the Enfolding Landscape: Interconnections,    The Enfolding Landscape.

I wanted to focus on revealing the hidden, the obscure, the seemingly insignificant and the overlooked within the natural environment. The kind of things you only notice if you look really closely, especially in the South Pennine uplands where the landscape can frequently seem to be a vast wasteland of moor  grass, rushes and heather with very little going on.

I knew that any work on this theme would need to employ folding in one form or another because the fold has become an increasingly important element in my work, as a philosophical and intellectual idea as well as a physical component of the artwork itself.

The Turkish map fold encourages the user to take an dynamic role in the act of revelation - you choose the degree of exposure depending on how far back the fold is expanded.  ( I know this is true of any image in a book but somehow the extra folds make it seem more active I think).

Shame the photos are so dark but all the lovely sun has disappeared and the gloomy rain has come back again.


Janis Goodman said...

Looks extraordinary and intriguing - my zombeyish days at present or would manage a more articulate comment. Do love your blog on your work.xxx


I'm just pleased someone is looking Janis and thank you for taking the trouble to comment. xxx

Janis Goodman said...

Do put it on your Facebook page as well as it is possible then to share it ...in a cyberish sort of fashion !

Jacqui Dodds said...

Lovely colours Angie - these books look great and so unusual.