1 March 2012

28 Drawings Later - The Fourth and Final Week

Here's the drawings for the final week of the challenge.   It was even harder than the third week, trying to do something different each day. My normal way of working is quite slow with a lot of thinking and playing around with an idea so it was exhausting keeping up the pace.

I decided to allow colour in, for a change and one day I also had to break my self set 3D rule as I could only manage a flat drawing.  The final drawing is a reiteration of the 26th with Photoshop additions, using masks and adjustment layers that take me a long time to do skilfully.  A sunset over water has to be one of the all time landscape art cliches, but you do see an awful lot of them round where I live and hopefully the diorama element gives it a different slant.


Jacqui Dodds said...

I love all your drawings Angie and although it was probably quite a lot of effort you have some wonderful work.
The 3D challenge has provided an interesting dimension too.


Thanks Jacqui, you're right, I'm pleased to have a lot of new work. I don't mind working hard it was just the daily deadline looming that I found a challenge. Mind you a bit of pressure is a good thing, it makes you stretch yourself so all in all I'm very happy to have taken part.